Financial Advisory Services

Nexus helps make critical financial decisions and recommendations to ensure adequate funding for the continued maintenance and development of infrastructure. Services include funding assessments, feasibility studies, financial modeling and valuation, and capital programming, among others.

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 Traditional & Innovative Financial Planning

Unique project circumstances can change the applicability and availability of traditional and innovative funding sources. Nexus can leverage its extensive understanding of the various funding instruments available for infrastructure projects to prepare a robust financial plan (often supported by a dynamic, comprehensive financial model) for discrete projects, long-term transportation planning, and ongoing operations.

Our knowledge of and experience with funding sources includes taxes, state and federal grants, TIFIA, Tax-Increment Financing, Special Assessment Districts, private activity bonds (PABs), RRIF, and private equity, among others. Our comprehensive financial modeling relies upon the latest techniques and evaluates innovative financial instruments to ensure that all potential sources are considered.

Advantage: Nexus can help evaluate various financial instruments and structures to minimize funding costs and prepare a realistic, attainable financial plan.

 Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships (P3s) are vital to the future of our nation’s infrastructure. The private sector can bring much-needed funding and expertise to maintain, develop, and optimize performance of public-use infrastructure. Outsourcing or commercializing certain assets and businesses also allows public agencies to concentrate on the provision of core services.

Nexus can provide P3 education, preparation, and execution assistance. Services include project assessment, asset valuation, procurement management, stakeholder coordination, and long-term contract oversight. We have experience working in and uniting both public and private sectors to create a win-win for all parties.

Advantage: Nexus can help public sector agencies prepare and execute seamless P3 transactions that maximize the value provided to stakeholders through stable, long-term solutions.

 Feasibility Studies

Cities, states, and other public agencies constantly struggle to execute many critical projects with limited funding. As a result, they must ensure that those projects that are undertaken possess the greatest likelihood of successful implementation, avoiding regulatory, environmental, financial, and other hiccups that can plague infrastructure initiatives.

Nexus can assist in the prioritization of planned and current projects, completing financial feasibility analyses to determine the sufficiency of resources, such as labor and funding. We can also provide independent assessment of project value through a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis and economic impact study.

Advantage: Nexus can help evaluate contemplated projects from all respects, ensuring execution of the projects that represent the greatest value to all stakeholders.

 Budgeting & Capital Programming

Budgets and capital construction programs reflect complex, long-term commitments that cannot be completed in isolation.

Nexus can assist with this critical financial process, providing associated services such as business and master planning, structural design, construction coordination, and systems integration.

Advantage: Nexus can ensure that budget and capital programs are realistic, align with strategic initiatives and long-term goals, and are supported by other organizational processes, systems, and staff.

  Operations Advisory Services

Nexus helps improve the efficiency and performance of critical infrastructure assets and agencies through the extensive experience of its professionals. Services include organizational and strategic planning, business process improvement, technology selection and implementation assistance, and staffing assessments, among others.

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  Strategic & Master Planning

Organizational visions must be supported by strategic plans with clear goals, responsibilities, and accountability to ensure that they are attainable and viable for the long-term. Insightful, detailed, and comprehensive long-term strategic and master plans can guide the public organization’s leadership and staff alike as they work to supply their communities with vital services.

Nexus professionals have developed numerous strategic and master plans for organizations across the public infrastructure space that have informed initiatives from refreshed missions to the execution of multi-million capital expansions.

Advantage: Public organizations with thorough and realistic strategic plans can ensure that their services meet future needs as effectively as possible. Nexus can provide indispensable guidance in crafting these plans, working hand-in-hand with organizations to develop a strategic long-term vision for the organization and its assets that is supported by staff.

  Staffing & Organizational Structure

Organizations too often suffer diminished productivity and efficiency by maintaining overwrought, outmoded departmental and staffing structures that duplicate effort, blur responsibilities, and undermine accountability. Thus, many leaders have recognized the need to adjust organizational structures and reporting responsibilities to improve operations.

Nexus professionals have assisted in these initiatives for a variety of public sector clients, leveraging a robust understanding of industry “best practices” that have served the private sector remarkably well. These processes are considered with an acute awareness of the challenges inherent in reorganizing any public organization. In this capacity, Nexus professionals have led critical reorganizations, such as the overhauling of management structures and the realignment of staff responsibilities.

Advantage: Public organizations that are structured and managed efficiently can deliver superior value to the public they serve. Nexus can assist in developing and implementing refreshed structures and functions that reduce inefficiencies and enhance operations at every level of the organization.

  Process & Efficiency Improvement

The public sector has been regarded almost axiomatically as inefficient, slow to change, and generally ill-adapted to meet the needs and demands of the day. Yet, many organizations are well-positioned to reverse these perceptions and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Nexus professionals have introduced process and efficiency improvements for numerous public agencies, both as external consultants and as leaders within these organizations. We have created significant value, whether streamlining internal processes such as maintenance and procurement or promoting unification through integration of disparate departments and staff.

Advantage: Given the ever-increasing demand for both cost savings and customer service, public agencies must examine how their operations can be improved to deliver superior value at lower costs. Nexus professionals can propel these efforts, dramatically reducing inefficiencies while enhancing both internal and external functions.

 Technology Implementation

Increasingly, public organizations are implementing technologies that have been successfully leveraged in the private sector to enhance efficiency and productivity and reduce costs. These technologies include conventional IT solutions, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, computerized processing and automation, such as electronic toll collection (ETC), and services integration, such as integrated parking and enforcement systems.

Nexus understands both the benefits that can be realized through the implementation of these technologies and the associated challenges and risks faced by public agencies that can slow these initiatives or diminish their ultimate success.

Advantage: With a deep understanding of the needs and challenges unique to the public sector, Nexus can assist in identifying, evaluating, and deploying transformative technologies, providing essential guidance to ensure a smooth and effective implementation.

 Performance Measurement & Benchmarking

Effective performance measurement processes are essential to public organizations in today’s environment. Yet, measuring performance often proves most challenging for organizations that have not established the processes and measures to perform this critical activity on an ongoing basis.

Nexus professionals have developed performance measurement regimes for a variety of public organizations, including major commercial airports, public works departments, and utility plants. We help to implement systems and processes to ensure that organizations are not only tracking the right measures, but are doing so effectively, minimizing disruption to core services and incorporating results into future planning.

Advantage: Maximizing future performance requires assessment of historical and current results. Leveraging the plethora of available technology, Nexus can provide public organizations with the vital knowledge and insight into their operations and empower them to measure performance, ultimately improving services provided to the public.

Nexus On-Call Services

Nexus also offers the flexibility to provide services on an as-needed basis for public agencies and engineering firms. This may be useful for staff supplementation, particular subject matter expertise, or quick assistance on projects with tight timeframes.

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